Look At The List Of Available Hansel Costumes

It’s very easy to acquire yourself a Hansel Costume at a rock bottom price if you know where to shop. HalloweeCostumesBin.com is one of the best online retailers for costumes this Halloween and they carry one of the largest and most diverse costume ranges at the most competitive prices online. As well as the Hansel Elite costume you will find yourself considering a Gretel costume, Bavarian Beer Girl costume, Beer Boy costume, Oktoberfest costume and some great Lederhosen costumes.

All in all this is a great place to find Hansel and Gretel costumes online today so be sure to read everything available to you below.

hansel-costumeHansel Elite Costume/Beer Boy Costume

If you are going to be attending a Halloween or Fancy Dress party this year then you may want to try something entirely different to what everyone else is doing. Almost everyone else who goes to their next Fancy Dress party this Halloween will most likely dress in a scary costume of some kind, such as a vampire or a witch but this is your chance to do something completely different.

This Hansel costume is a great and authentic looking costume which you can purchase for a very low price and have fast super saver delivery to your front door. This classic Oktoberfest costume is a favourite amongst the costume community and will make you look real handsome compared with everyone else. You’re Gretel just won’t know where to look.

This is a handsome Hansel Elite costume and it comes complete with everything you are going to need to loo great this Halloween season. It includes a deluxe ultra suede lederhosen which is finished around the edges with a lace detail. The lederhosens are held up with some vinyl suspenders which look just great. The upper half of this Beer boy costume includes a quality white shirt which has a lace up collar and a jacquard trim. The costume is nicely completed with the addition of a brown hat boasting leather accents as well as a white pair of knee length socks.

Add your own brown boots to fully complete the outfit. Just one idea would be for you and your girlfriend to dress themselves up in a couples costume set and go as Hansel and Gretel, out on your own little adventure this Halloween.

This costume comes in all adult sizes including small, medium, large and plus size (X-large)

See All Matching Gretel Costumes Available

Gretel Elite Costume/Beer Girl Costumegretel-costume

This lovely Gretel costume would be a great addition to make up a Hansel and Gretel costume for couples this Halloween season. This costume is not only quality made be it also looks good, sexy and different from what everyone else is wearing in the way of fancy dress outfits this year.

If you don’t want to dress in a Gretel costume then this women’s outfit can also be doubled as a Beer Girl costume if you choose, the choice is yours.

This beautifully made and finished costume comes complete with the blue Jacquard dress which is trimmed with ribbon and to that is an attached white apron which comes with a white lace petticoat. The outfit is nicely completed with a red scarf and a sexy pair of short white lace trimmed socks. To finish it off completely you could add a pair of sexy black shoes and a beer mug handbag.

This costume comes in all women’s adult sizes including small, medium, large and plus size (X-large).

Now it’s time to pair up with your Hansel and begin your fairy tail in your Hansel and Gretel costume for couples.

The True Story Of Hansel And Gretel

There aren’t many who are aware that Hansel and Gretel is actually based on a true story which stems from a situation which occurred back in the early 1940’s at the time of WWII. The story concentrates on two young children by the name of Hansel and Gretel, they are seen at the beginning of the story fleeing from the Nazis on the back of a motorcycle with their two parents. The parents are fleeing to try and get to safely but they soon realise that they are probably going to be better off leaving the children behind to fend for themselves, they only think this out of the interest of the children. So they decide to do it.

The children are left behind and sent to go into the lonely dark forest on their own, it’s not long before they happen upon an old cottage into which they are invited by an old lady called Magda. Magda in the fairy tail version of Hansel and Gretel is an old witch who means nothing but harm to the children but in the real story Magda is a helpful and caring old lady who wants nothing but to help and protect the children.

The story concetrates very much around the community surrounding Magda and the children and how they help each other to get through the bad times in such a difficult era of war and death.