Lederhosen Costume

If you are going to a Halloween or Oktoberfest fancy dress party this year than what better than a pair of German Lederhosens to get the party started. You will have a good deal of choice when you are looking around for your Lederhosen costume, they even do child’s and women’s Lederhosen costumes in addition to the men’s.

mens-lederhosen-costumeAdult Mans Lederhosen Costume

This adult men’s Lederhosen costume will really sort the men from the boys when it comes to fancy dress and really make you stand out from the crowd.

This costume is a classic mix of the authentic Lederhosens with a modern twist, and this costume includes everything you are going to need to look great this Oktoberfest or Halloween. The costume comes completed with a pair of Faux green patterned shorts which are nicely finished with several areas of embroidered details, a pair of matching dark green suede suspenders and a white buttoned shirt which finishes off the outfit nicely.

The only thing you are going to need to add the finishing touches to this costume are a pair of knee length white socks and a pair of shoes, usually a pair of sandals will look perfect.

The great thing about this Lederhosen costume is that it will also double as a Hansel costume and will be great for other occassions.

Woman’s Sexy Lederhosen Costumewomens-laderhosen-costume

Why should it be the men who are having all of the fun this year with their Lederhosen costumes? At buycostumes.com they have an authentic woman’s lederhosen costume which looks just like what the doctor ordered for your next fancy dress party. This Lederhosen costume will also double as an Oktoberfest costume or Bavarian Beer Girl Costume, the choice is yours!

This costume is very traditional in how it’s made but it does have a little sexy twist to it to make it look more daring and fun. The costume has everything you will need including the very short brown Lederhosen shorts, boasting pink flowery patterns and tiny golden buttons to the edge of each leg. The costume is nicely completed with a frilly sexy white top, which has matching flowers around the neckline.

This costume comes in small, medium, large and extra small. All you need to finish it off are a pair of sexy white stockings, a pair of black slip on shoes and you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

childs-lederhosen-costumeChild’s/Boy Infant Lederhosen Costume

Check this out, how cute is this boy’s infant Lederhosen costume? I think it’s pretty cute.

If you and your partner are going dressed in your lederhosen outfits for this years fancy dress party then why not buy your little boy and infant lederhosen costume to match so he doesn’t feel left out of the celebrations. This costume will certainly be something different from what everyone else is going to be wearing, and afterall you don’t want your family looking the same as all the others this Halloween.

This costume is just a smaller replica of the mens Lederhosen outfit. It comes with the classic brown shorts which are held in place by the brown flower pattered braces. The best of all is that this costume also includes the green Lederhosen hat and a white jumpsuit.

This Halloween costume is available for 12-24 months of age, there are others also available for older children should you require one.

Lederhosen is the German name for breeches which are made from leather, generally they are knee length of short trousers which sit far about the ankle. There are such ones which are longer in length but they aren’t called Lederhosens, they are known as Bundhosen. The Lederhosen shorts are mainly worn by working class men during their leisure time, but they are often mis-described as the national dress type of countries who’s first language is German.

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